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The sites are special - and the BHF is dedicated to protecting them -– for both research and for the benefit of future generations. The Historic Resources Act governs the protection of archeology sites: And the BHF, under the direction of archaeologist Laurie McLean, has obtained special permits to study the area. It is important to have our interpreters accompany visitors to the sites so that no damage is done to the resources. Unsupervised visits to the sites are strongly discouraged.

Come as yOu are... leave everything eLse as it was!


Museum and Gift shop

Get started on your journey with a hike to the Long Chute Lookoff. There you can get a bird’s eye view of the landscape of Alexander Bay and the Bloody Reach. The built-up trail winds through woods for a little before bringing you out to a panoramic Look-off built by the BHF. There’s interpretive panels to give you a bearing on the coastal sites and some background on the cultural landscape.

With an area so rich in aboriginal culture, it’s impossible to display everything we’ve found - but rest assured - we’ve selected from essential themes like lithic industry, (stone-tool-making) and the food sources that supported the human existence, to bring you a great variety of our best finds.

After you visit you may like to browse a unique offering of interesting gifts for you or someone special. Some of our jewellery is made from flint-knapped rhyolite and each piece is a one of a kind hand-made creation.

Museum Hours:

Admission fees:

Trail information

Trail length/Type

  1. BulletLong-Chute look-off

  2. BulletBloody Bay Cove

  1. BulletUn-guided (500 m return)

  2. BulletGuided (1 km return)

  1. Daily: May to September

  1. BulletAdults: $3

  2. BulletSeniors: $2

  3. BulletYouth (over 5 yrs): $1

  4. BulletChildren 5 years and younger are free

Boat Tour

For hundreds of years, Newfoundlanders have been living a coastal lifestyle, living off the rich bounty of the sea – aboriginals saw the same benefits to seaside living. Since many of the sites are in remote coastal locations, we have a tour boat that is specially equipped to get you up close to the action. A knowledgeable guide, panoramic mountaintop vistas, sandy coastlines, and a great day on the water are guaranteed - but don’t be surprised if you see whales and icebergs (in season) too! Call the museum to book a tour for you or your group.

(See below for more details on the itinerary)

Boat Tour schedule:

Boat Tour fees:

Boat tours can be booked by calling the museum gift shop: 709 677 2474

The trip takes about four hours including hikes, breaks and about an hour on the water.

  1. 2011 Fees (subject to change

  2. BulletAdults: $45 p.p.

  3. BulletSeniors $40 p.p.

  4. BulletChildren $30 p.p.